Matt Chappell – 5th August There are many options to consider, from selling privately to going to auction, but it may not always be worth the trouble. The true value of a pocket watch depends on a few factors. Age, rarity and brand will all affect the sale price. While pocket watches may not sell for as much as other antiques, in some cases you can really make a pretty penny. The best pocket watch brands are the old classics, such as:.

Antique Waltham Pocket Watches

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Obtain a Waltham serial number list from the numerous online pocket watch sources or from an experienced watchmaker with an expertise in vintage watch.

The company’s historic 19th-century manufacturing facilities in Waltham, Massachusetts have been preserved as the American Waltham Watch Company Historic District. Based upon the experience of earlier failed trials, Howard and Dennison eventually perfected and patented their precision watch making machines, creating what has been called the American System of Watch Manufacturing.

The original name of the company, which began operations in , is unclear. Some sources say the name was the “American Horologe Company”. However, in , Dennison stated that the first company name was the Warren Manufacturing Company, named for General Warren of Roxbury , a famous soldier of the War of Independence. The word “watch” was specifically omitted to retain secrecy of the novel operation. In , production began in a new factory building.

In late , the first watches were complete. Number 1, given to Howard, is now at the Smithsonian Institution. Numbers 18 to were named “Warren, Boston” and the following “Samuel Curtis”, after the financial backer of the company.

Antique Waltham Pocket Watch, 1897

Click here to view additional historical photos of the Waltham factory. Their vision was to form a watch company that could produce high-quality watches at a lower cost using interchangeable parts. With financial backing from Samuel Curtis, of small-arms manufacturing fame, the watch production began in , and the first small group of watches were finished in late The first watches produced went to officials of the company, and it was not until that the first watches were offered for sale to the public.

Problems were encountered with the new production methods.

Use a flat blunt blade to pry open the snap case back of a Waltham wrist watch. Unlike other dating a waltham pocket watch, Waltham went the extra step by.

We are pleased to offer for your consideration this classic antique American Waltham Watch Company Pocket Watch circa This year-old Waltham Pocket Watch is stem wound and stem set and is a size 16 the most popular size pocket watch measuring 2 inches in diameter. This Waltham Pocket Watch Grade was first manufactured in and was produced though with a total of 1,, in production runs. Truly a testament to the quality of this Grade Movement a mainstay in the offering of fine Waltham Pocket Watches for 37 years.

This is another excellent example of the late 19th early 20th Century ingenuity that made the American Pocket Watch a worldwide standard for accuracy and beauty in timekeeping. All Antique and Vintage Pocket Watches are cleaned, oiled and adjusted for accuracy and warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase. This Waltham Pocket Watch is again a Size 16, and is in excellent condition with without corrosion or reckless jewelers tool marks.

This Waltham Pocket Watch is truly a classic antique pocket watch, all original and in just pristine condition. I so hope the many pictures and extreme magnification helps in the description of this fine Waltham Pocket Watch. This antique Waltham Pocket Watch is faced with a beautiful Waltham single sunk porcelain dial.

Waltham Gold Filled 17 Jewel Full Hunter Pocket Watch 20 Year MOON Case.

View Dealers Items Dealer favs. The watch has a stem-winding movement, grade , which is working well. The movement is fully signed and the serial number dates it back to The movement is protected by an inner hinged cover which has the initials LT scratched into it. The watch measures 50mm diameter excluding the winding crown and the stem.

To date, we have sold OVER pocket watches for the family. 1 – WALTHAM POCKET WATCH – 14K – – 17j – 6/0s WALTHAM POCKET WATCH – 14K.

Waltham pocket watches have been around for more than years and are a collector’s item. They were made between and in Waltham, Massachusetts. Like any other collector’s items, the oldest and rarest pieces are the most valuable, so it is important to know as much information as you can about a watch before buying or selling it. It is fairly simple to confirm a watch is a Waltham pocket watch and to identify the model and manufacturing date. Identify the type of pocket watch. There are three basic types.

A hunting case pocket watch has a closed case that goes over the face of the watch.

Pocket Watch Identification and Value Guide

Please use the following tables to help determine the approximate age of your watch. Remove or open the back cover from your watch and look for a number engraved into the movement; this is the serial number for your watch, and by using it, you can find the closest years it was made on these tables. Please note there is a difference between the number marked on the movement and the one marked on the case.

Need help pricing an antique pocket watch? Use this photo guide to help you identify and value your antique pocket watches.

If you are lucky enough to own a Waltham watch you might find it is more valuable than you think, especially if it is in pristine condition. Waltham watches are highly collectible and some specimens are a worthwhile investment. See some expert watch investment tips from a Master Watchmaker here. Of course, the only way to know the true value is to take your Waltham watch to a professional watch valuer or a Waltham pocket watch expert. Source: Wikimedia Commons. In Aaron Lufkin Dennison, Edward Howard and David Davis formed a company with a plan to develop machinery that could mass produce watch movement parts with precision and render them interchangeable.

Prior to this, all watches produced in America were handmade. In operation between and , over 40 million fine specimens of pocket watches, wrist watches, clocks and other precision instruments were produced by the Waltham factory. It was one of the most prolific American watch companies and by the early s Waltham watches were winning prizes all over the world.

Following the great train disaster in America in the tragedy occurred due to a faulty timepiece , Waltham and a number of other watch brands, such as Elgin and Hamilton produced watches to a new set of standards. To qualify as railroad standard, watches were required to meet the following criteria:. Read some more on the history of railroad watches here.

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Date Waltham pocket watches by the serial number on the movement.

Post a comment. The good news is that this is a fairly easy thing to do if you follow some simple guidelines. The good news is that all Waltham pocket watches have some value even if it is only for scrap parts. Some pocket watches are in such poor condition or beyond a state of repair that it makes it a waste of time to try and repair or restore them. Don’t throw your Waltham watch away though as many people will buy it from you to use as spare parts.

As you can imagine there are a lot of Waltham pocket watches and those that repair them or various collectors are always on the look out for real parts. In addition to this, if there is any gold in the pocket watch then it has at worst case a gold value. Right now gold is extremely valuable and you can get a lot of money just for that.

Check here to see the price of gold. Let me start with some real basics which are nonetheless still very important. Certain things have a dramatic impact on the value of your watch and these include: Does the watch actually work? Is the Pocket Watch in good condition? The better condition the watch is in then the better for you and the more it is worth.

Waltham Hunter Gold Pocket Watch 1912